DoSe – mit Gaia Mobilij

Eine regelmäßige Jamsession in Halle. Jeden 1. und 3. Donnerstag im Monat.
Immer in der Volksbühne am Kaulenberg.

Zu Gast: Gaia Mobilij

Gaia Mobili; was born in Pescava: Italy, She graduated in classical piano in 7001. she studied Ettnomusicology
at the University „La Sapienza“ of Rome. Later moved to Paris, city in which deepens the study of singing (at the
Conservatoire intemational de Paris) and accordion.
Ethic music-enthusiast, she devated herself to the study of the music and instruments from several aveas of the
Mediterranean inclucing the Calabrian lina and the Gretan lyre. Through frequent tour, and trips around the world
explores the music: of various traditions incluating the Cypry musie of Eastern Europe, the traditional southem
Italy and Colombian and South American music. In her wich curriculum a long list of art master classes and wor
*shops around the world, music, but also in the theatr
e sector. to name just one, he attended the Academie Europeenne du Theatre Corporel „Studio Magenia“ in Paris,
in MIME. As a film astresshe participated in the 7-001 movie directed by Riccardo Milani „La Guerra degli
Auto,“ as Zavina.
In Turin Italy she has created and worked with several band: inclucding: Talunalumustalunaif) her personal project
Barletta Scalo, La Reina desinuda with the American songuriter Sol Ruiz, Los Labios de la Mujer and LaParanza
del Geco. With Taluna in the past year it has toured USA and Mexico experiencing a great success.
She has founded in Barcelona with the support of a Ubik Pariele a Guartet which takes its name from her: Gaia
y Los Ninos de la Barceloneta.
Her songs and her instrumental pieces ave a syuthesis of all her human and musical experiences;: in her new show
influence Gaia Mobiti manages to mix sounds from all over the world, alternating between accortion and piano,
conquer; the publie through the
happy marriage between a profound musieal training and the diving passion of popular musie. Rich portry and songs
of love, but also faseinating stories told by Gaia through a gentle voice that penetrates the soul and transports
„in the country where everything is possible but nothing is vea… „‚Eri Juan). Changes in mood and rhythm easily
occur within the same song: changes that accompanied by undulations of her voice, reflect that love fror the move-
ment, for the trip that characterize Gaia, in life as in music.
She calls herself “ singer of freshness and joy“. And indeed it is easy for caregivers to her life going in one dimen-
sion that comes close to a vision of folk life, „where eversthing is possible“